Dependency to Dignity


Having benefitted greatly from CCI's Education Sponsorship programme, our students choose to serve the community through CCI, to engage in programmes that develop a person holistically; just as they themselves have developed intellectually, emotionally, creatively and socially.

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Our Artificial Insemination Laboratory in Esperanza Care Farm allows us to become more productive and efficient in piglet production. It also enhances our capability to disperse not only piglets but sows as well. Sow dispersal is key to making a community self-sustaining.

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Care Channels came to many beneficiaries as strangers, but we cared for them, trusted and journeyed with them. Through our livelihood programmes, they are now able to earn a decent income.

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The participants from the community identified a priority need to repair the broken bamboo bridge. With constant encouragement, the bridge project was completed after 3 months.

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