Given the opportunity, the poor are able to help themselves. They are taught to produce crafts such as pressed flower calendars and other crafts to earn a living.

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Agriculture Projects

Acapulco leaves, moringa, and lemongrass are locally available resources. We utilise them to produce creams, capsules or essential oils that are marketable. For honey, ginger, chilli and pepper, people from rural villages are trained on how to farm and sell them.

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Seed Funding

Projects like basket weaving and sari-sari stores (small provision shops) are ideal ventures for women to supplement the family income. Seed funds are provided to get them started.

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Animal Dispersal

Raising livestock provides a regular income for the poor households. Pigs, cows and goats, depending on the culture of the area, are dispersed to committed families. We conduct initial training and regular visits to ensure the healthy growth of the animals.

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