Medical and Dental Missions

The underprivileged have limited access to medical care. We work with local doctors, dentists and nurses to treat illnesses within the communities, provide free consultations and medicine.

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Relief Efforts

The poor are especially vulnerable when disasters hit. We work with groups and agencies to coordinate distribution of food packs, clothes, water filters, medicines and building of shelters and homes.

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Surgery Programmes

A simple surgery is often all it takes for the sole breadwinner to be well again so that his family will not have to go hungry. We partner with generous donors for needy patients to undergo surgery.

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Community Development and Empowerment (CDE)

In places with no proper sanitation and water resources, many people succumb to illnesses and diseases. We assist communities to identify their needs and conduct health education programmes to help communities adopt good hygienic practices.

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Healthcare Workers Training

Enhancing the medical practices of local healthcare workers can elevate the standard of healthcare in the country. Care Channels partners with clinicians and hospitals to train them to provide care and treatment to the sick in the villages.

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Support Our Beneficiaries

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