Jan 26, 2016

Wanted: Recycled Computers

In a community centre in a little village in Philippines, three computers are being used by the village’s office workers to email, get their work done and to print.

In an elementary school in Yunnan, 30 computers are being used by students in a computer lesson.


Computers in a school in Yunnan

These computers come from an organization called Care Channels in Singapore. It all started seven or eight years ago when requests were made by schools in Philippines and Indonesia for computers.

Could Care Channels donate some computers for a computer lab which the school was going to set up? Since then, Care Channels has been collecting recycled computers from corporations and individuals. Computers from corporations were robust and hardy and were usually donated after every three years of use. Sometimes, Care Channels would receive laptops from individuals.

Donated computers would have to be refurbished. New hard disks, operating system and software would be purchased and installed. If cables and keyboards and other peripherals were missing, Care Channels would have to buy these too.

Once the computers are set up in the computer labs, the school would be responsible in maintaining them. Care Channels would audit the computer labs every 2-3 years to check on how the computers are being used.

If you are upgrading to new computers, let CCI have your old use-able ones. Because somewhere in a village or school in Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Philippines or Timore Leste, your computers are wanted to make a difference in a child’s life.


Computers in a school in Philippines

Donate your computers to Care Channels at No 3 Pasir Panjang Hill Singapore 118827 or email us at contact@carechannels.org

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