Jul 17, 2014

Vee: Celebrating and Singing

My name is Vee. If you remember – my story begun last year in May when I lived the slums of Pedongkelan, Central Jakarta and earned a living as a street singer.

Picture of me when I was still living in Pedongkelan, Central Jakarta

Since then, I have moved on to live in Jabez House with some children including my sister, Dah. Living in Jabez House under the care of Kak Kristin, Kak Rina and Kak Sari has truly changed my life. I had to get used to so many things such as the daily routines of waking up to go to school, washing up, sitting down to learn my school work and getting along with my friends and caregivers at Jabez House.

It has already been a year since I left the slums, my mother and my siblings, Merry and Christian.

I like living in Jabez House. See the pictures below? We at Jabez House celebrated Hari Kartini (Kartini Day) dressed up in our national costumes. We look so nice. These costumes were borrowed and Kak Kristin and Kak Rina dressed us all up.

Picture of me in a kebaya for Hari Kartini


Picture of my other friends in Jabez House all dressed up for Hari Kartini. My sister Dah is wearing red.

I still want to be a doctor when I grow up so my favorite subject in school is natural science. But I don’t like to learn Sundanese as it is the first time I am learning this language.

I have started a new hobby and it is growing plants and gardening. So far, I have planted some chili plants, spring onions and “buah salak” (Snakefruit plant).

Picture of my chili plant

Picture of my “Buah Salak” plant

My sister, Dah, loves to dance. But I… I love to sing! I sing at school and I sing at home. When I am taking a shower – it is as if I am having concert in the bathroom! My favorite song is “Di Doa Ibuku Namaku Disebut” (The Prayer of a Mother).

I ask to see my mother and my siblings Merry and Christian every time I go to Sunday School at Cempaka Mas. Cempaka Mas is near where I used to live in the slums.

But my mother does not come to see me.

I hope she will one day.


Story by Briggitte Chandrawidjaya and Wong Kah Wei

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