Feb 16, 2017

Tutorial-Feeding Programme – the “good luck” Child

Norul-Anm Zailon is 7 years old. His father Rasul, is a motorcycle driver and his mother Normina, is a housewife taking care of Norul-Amn’s 2 brothers and 1 sister.

In Maguindanaon culture, when a child appears to bring good luck to a person or family beyond the child’s immediate family, that person or family could adopt the “good luck” child. Norul-Anm has been adopted by an elderly couple who live next door. They will provide for his needs as long as he can attract more good luck to their family. One of the good things that has happened to them is that their daughter graduated cum laude from the university and has passed the teacher’s board exam.

Norul-Amn’s adoptive parents are very strict when it comes to his schooling. They make sure he does his homework and revises his lessons. At the end of the Tutorial-Feeding Program in March, Norul-Amn received an award for being the top student. In appreciation for the good quality education provided by the Care Channels teachers and staff, the elderly couple invited them for a thanksgiving party they had prepared for Norul-Amn.

When Norul-Amn started in the programme, he would not eat vegetables, but because of the feeding programme, he is now eager to eat nutritious food like vegetables. The couple has committed to send him to school as long as they are able to and will support him to do well in his studies.

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