Mar 15, 2018

Surgery Assistance in Thailand

At Kwai River Christian Hospital at the Thai-Myanmar border of Kanchanaburi, we offer affordable medical and surgical treatments. We also support needy patients from the surrounding rural-poor villages, displaced peoples across the border and refugees. Each year we treat about 12,000 outpatients and perform over 300 surgical procedures including treatments for stomach, uterine, ovarian, breast and colon cancer.

A patient with colon cancer deemed inoperable because of his heart condition, travelled over 7 hours from a major regional hospital in Myanmar to Kwai River Christian Hospital. We were able to offer a CT in staging and planning his operation, as well as optimizing his heart condition. The operation was done with the help of a visiting surgeon, making it possible under the short duration of spinal anaesthesia. The patient recovered well and will go on to have chemotherapy back in Myanmar. The many ways that our volunteers and supporters assist our patients and improve the quality of our care has been a tremendous help and an encouragement to us.

Dr Jen (left), Dr Kelvin (right) and recipient of surgery sponsorship in the middle

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