Mar 20, 2019

Singapore Management University Project Grasya

Who we are and what we do

Two years ago, I co-founded Project Grasya, a community service mission that aims to empower children in Manila, Philippines to attain social mobility. Our project was founded on the belief that achieving ideal educational outcomes was critical in attaining social mobility.

To help them achieve better educational outcomes, we believed that two key constituents were required: quality curriculum and an optimal state of health. As such, we firstly conducted education workshops – which imparted to them skills like public speaking, financial literacy, and interview skills on top of the educational content. Secondly, we conducted medical missions for the students, their families, and the teaching and school staff to ensure that not just the students, but the people around them as well, were all healthy.

In the first two years of our work, Project Grasya has delivered our education workshops to more than 300 students and more than 200 individuals have benefited in the form of timely medical intervention, diagnosis, and treatment from our medical missions.

Our Partnership with CCI 

Of course, we are very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Care Channels over the past two years, and we are absolutely humbled by Care Channels’ commitment to uplifting communities all around the world. None of our work would have been possible without Care Channels, who have been of great help in helping us reach out to the schools under their care, and who have been key to our medical mission with their medical capabilities. 

It is also with great pleasure for me to share that going into the third year of Project Grasya, we are bringing our partnership with Care Channels to another level. We will be conducting Teach-the-teachers Workshops to the teachers in Manila as a way to enhance pedagogy and curriculum design. Moreover, we will also be developing an impact assessment framework for Care Channels, which aims to help Care Channels to increase inflows of donation by reporting quantified impact, rather than outputs and outcomes, as donors today become increasingly sophisticated and concerned about the impact generated with their donations.

Working with Care Channels has been an absolute joy, and I am excited to see what more we can create together in the years to come.

Weisheng Lim
Founder, Project Grasya


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