Nov 28, 2017

Restoring relationship through craft works

My name is Titin Setiawati. I am a mother from the town area of ​​Sragen, Central Java. In 1995 my husband, Agung Kristiano and I moved to Jakarta.  My husband worked as an employee at a factory in Jakarta with only a small income to support our family and pay for the school fees of our children.

I have two sons. The first is named Elgan Kristiawan and he is now 17 years old. My second child is Adiftya Kristiawan, aged 15. They are both currently studying in a government high school in Jakarta.

We live together in an area called Kampung Sawah, Klender, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. Jakarta is one of the most densely populated areas in Indonesia. We live in a small and simple house, which we rent for 700,000 rupiah a month. It has only one bedroom, which is not big enough for all four of us but we still squeeze in it to sleep and rest every day. Before joining the Livelihood progam of Care Channels, my family had many difficulties, often quarreling over the lack of money.

In 2010, my church leader introduced the livelihood program of Care Channels to me, and advised me to be involved with the calendar-making project. I received training and started making calendars. Care Channels has brought hope and joy back into my life. I am so happy because now I can earn money and support my family.

Since I joined the livelihood program, my family’s situation started to improve. Our basic needs were met and we became more harmonious.  I am now more patient with my husband and my children love me and support what I do. Now, we able to finance our children’s education. We hope that our children can eventually go to university and get good jobs. Through the livelihood program I can also begin to express the love and help people around me that are still in need.

My friends and neighbors noticed the changes in my family and asked to get involved in this program as well.

Craftwork, Empowering (INDO), Holistic (INDO), Indonesia, Innovative (INDO), Sustainable (INDO)