Jul 23, 2016

Rebuilding Homes in Bangladesh

We are the inhabitants of Bijore, Rajshahi and we have two sons. One of them attends the tuition-cum-feeding center run by Care Channels Bangladesh. He enjoys learning and having good meals there.

One night at about 1 am, someone set fire to our house. We managed to escape the fire with our two sons but we were unable to bring our three goats with us. As we were unable to put out the fire, eventually we lost our house and the goats.

We were very helpless at that time. We did not know what to do and constantly prayed for help during this difficult time. Swastee Biswas, a staff of Care Channels, eventually visited us, took photos of our house and assured us that he would talk about our predicament to his director.

Swastee visited us again on another day with the good news that Care Channels Bangladesh was going to help to rebuild the house and also donate two goats,

We are so thankful and grateful for the help given to us in time of disaster. We have been so blessed ever since we started sending our son to the Care Channels Bangladesh tuition-cum-feeding center.

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