Jun 28, 2018

Pressed Flower Calendar Testimony

“I have been supporting Care Channels for more than 15 years. I have seen their creative use of dried pressed flowers develop from small projects, like Christmas and gift cards, to calendars. Over the years, the calendar designs and quality have grown in sophistication. In addition, the calendars are now customisable in English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese.

Many of my recipients include colleagues, friends and family, both local and overseas. They appreciate the personal touch put into pasting the dried pressed flowers and quite a few of them cut out the flower portions of the calendars to reuse as gift cards (I have actually received some myself). Many have given feedback on how they look forward to receiving them each year and I have been encouraged by recipients who email ahead of time and come to collect them faithfully.

The calendars serve as a reminder of our connection. They give me an opportunity to connect the people who make them with the people who receive them. Moreover, my staff get to participate in giving and sending out the calendars. It definitely brings joy to me, the staff and the recipients, and it is a wonderful way of encouraging non-profit organisations and engaging with business partners.

CCI has a very strong team of committed staff and I have personally met some them when I visited the regional countries. I have also had the opportunity to see the actual pasting of pressed flowers. The work they do is sustainable and empowering and this has spurred me to support them all these years.”

– Dr. Luke

Craftwork, Empowering (S), Holistic (S), Project Collaboration, Singapore, Sustainable (S)