May 25, 2018

Pig Dispersal Pilot Project in Thailand

Before embarking on the project, we sought to understand the local pig-farming situation from local farmers. The main challenge the pig farmers faced was getting a fair price from the sale of the pigs to the middlemen. As a result, many actually gave up rearing pigs.

The people in the community were excited when we proposed an odourless and fly-free pig farming programme. This innovative method involves the spraying of effective microorganism solution in the pig pen. 

The pigs are also faster growing – each pig taking about four months after weaning to reach 100kg instead of the normal five to seven months. Two communities were selected for the pilot project and each was given five pigs to raise.

In order to fetch a better selling price for the animals, the farmers decided that they would slaughter the pigs themselves and sell them within the community rather than selling the live pigs to the middlemen.

Animal Dispersal, Empowering (TH), Holistic(TH), Innovative (TH), Sustainable(TH), Thailand