Mar 24, 2016

Philippines Livelihood Programme

My sources of income are from a small store and the Care Channels Livelihood Programme. My husband was a security guard but is now unable to work due to his diabetes. 

Life was simple. Everyday, after all the daily chores are done and the needs of my children taken care of my neighbours and I would gossip and sit around. However, after I got involved with the pressed flower project, avoid gossiping as my time is now well spent having something worthwhile to work on. I also earn enough to provide for the family’s daily needs and save enough to set up a store which is now our main source of income. 

After encouraging my daughter to join this programme, we have more opportunities to relate to each other when we work together. We can communicate better and do not argue anymore. This has improved the mother and daughter relationship and strengthened our bond. My aunt is also part of the programme. My neighbours are encouraged by what I am doing and will help out whenever they can. 

Rovelyn Dyan Ringgaw
35 years old married mother of 4

Empowering (PH), Holistic (PH), Innovative (PH), Micro-Enterprises, Philippines, Sustainable (PH)