Mar 10, 2016

Philippines Agriculture Programme

Alejandro Maningula was a farmer from one of the poorest places in Upi, Maguindanao. He belongs to the Tiduray Tribe in the Philippines. 

In 2007, together with his wife and seven children, they moved to Manirub, Esperanza to seek a new life out of poverty. Their only means of survival was through charcoal making. 

In Manirub, they lived on a 7-hectare land owned by a group of people doing tribal work. They were paid to till the land for planting coconuts. Unfortunately there was a lack of finance to develop the land to produce short-term crops such as corn. 

Alejandro then went on to learn and work as a carpenter. This new skill earned him enough to survive as well as send their children to school. 

Through Care Channels help, Alejandro and his family were entrusted with a 2-hectare land to grow peanuts. Alejandro is paid every time he works for the project. This is a significant source of income to meet their daily needs.

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