Apr 14, 2016

Pakistan Water Filter Distribution

Alishba is a 6 year old living in Village Fort Abbas and comes from a very poor family. 

Having access to clean water is the most critical issue in this community. Their water is often contaminated and bitter and not fit for drinking. Their village is like a desert. 

At the age of two, Alishba fell sick from drinking the contaminated water. The doctors recommended that she either drinks from reputable brands of water like Nestle or boiled water. Unfortunately, the Nestle brand is unaffordable, the local brands of water are unreliable and boiling water all the time proved to be a challenge. 

Care Channels provided Alishba’s family with a water filter which cleans the water. Alishba began to consume clean water without any hassle or incurring expenses. As a result, her health has improved. Her family is very thankful to Care Channels for the blessing of a water filter. 

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