Feb 09, 2017

Medical Assistance – Philippines

I have been a Care Channels sponsored student since high school and I am now a Care Channels college scholar. I developed scoliosis and it affected my daily activities – attending school, going out with friends, doing things – because of the back pain. I became afraid and irritable. We didn’t know I had this condition until one side of my back started getting bigger and my parents brought me to the doctor. My parents were very concerned about the medical cost involved to treat my scoliosis.

We are thankful that somebody who heard about my condition offered to pay my medical bills. With treatment and exercises taught by the doctor, the pain eased and I became stronger. I am now able to be active like my other friends. What is more amazing is that there is no longer a discrepancy between the length of my legs. It is indeed a miracle!

David Andrey O. Camacho

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