Feb 07, 2019

Mama Heri’s Story

Lin Herlina, fondly called Mama Heri, is one of the coordinators working on calendars in one of the Care Channels communities in Jakarta. Before joining the Care Channels livelihood program in 2009, she and her family lived in poverty. Her husband works as a construction worker with a small salary whenever work is available. They need money to send their children to school. 

Ever since she joined the livelihood craft programme making calendars and receiving a stable income, she saw her family’s financial situation improving. The family’s basic needs are met and life is better, as she can even pay for her children’s schooling. 

In 2012, Mama Heri became one of the livelihood coordinators in her area to help other mothers who face similar family situation as her. 

The livelihood programme is very meaningful and has a big impact on making changes for poor families in Indonesia as experienced by Mama Heri. As CCI reaches out to more mothers, widows, single mothers and young people through the Care Channels livelihood programme, more people are released from poverty and dependency. 

The proceeds from the sale of the calendars also go into supporting other Care Channels activities in Jakarta, such as health, tutorial, feeding programmes and operational costs for the Jakarta office. The more the calendars are sold, the more sustainable will the livelihood of the beneficiaries be. 

Craftwork, Indonesia, Sustainable (INDO)