Mar 26, 2015

Livelihood Programme in Pakistan

My village is called Moranwala, situated in district Sheikhupura, 48km from the city of Lahore. Some members of my family are working in the brick kiln while the rest feed the animals of rich people. 

I asked Care Channels Pakistan if they could give me a cow under their Animal Dispersal Programme and they gave me a female calf, which gave birth to another calf after one and a half years. But we grew attached to the cow and decided to keep it instead of selling and gave Care Channels back 50 percent of the price of the cow.

They also allowed us to keep the newborn calf.

Now by selling the cow’s milk, we are able to pay our debts and even buy a new donkey cart and an electric grasscutter.

Sadiq Masih

Animal Dispersal, Empowering (PA), Holistic (PA), Innovative (PA), Pakistan, Sustainable (PA)