Apr 19, 2019

Jonalyn Villanueva – Pig Dispersal Testimony

Care Channels (CCI) pig dispersal programme has helped me a lot because many times our finances are insufficient especially with having two kids – seven and eight years old. My husband works as a construction worker and does not have a stable income.

I can never forget my first earning from the dispersal programme. In April 2018 my mother passed away. We were not able to work until after the funeral. The income sustained us for 2 months when my husband didn’t have a job.

We used our second dispersal earning to buy a motorcycle which helps to reduce our travel expenses and makes it convenient for us to get around.

I value the discipline that CCI has instilled in us in caring for the pigs which ensures their healthy growth. This assures us the pigs can be sold at a good price. I care for the pigs by talking to them everyday, harvesting the right forages, cleaning the pens, etc. Our hard work pays off.

CCI came to us as strangers, cared for us, trusted and helped us to earn a decent income despite our poverty and lack of education. Although we still don’t own land, we possess the discipline and values that we have learnt through the programme. CCI dispersal programme has given us hope for the future.

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