Mar 12, 2015

Informal School in Pakistan

We live in a village called Moranwala. My father works in a factory. I have two brothers and one sister. After completing my intermediate in Arts, I stopped school because the college was far and my father’s income was too low for us to afford the fees. I worked in some schools but was not satisfied. One day, Care Channels Pakistan offered me the position of teacher in a school and I accepted.

In the beginning, there was only one thing on my mind — that I have to earn enough money to support my family. But now, my first priority is that the children of our area must get quality education. I am very thankful to Care Channels for giving me a job and that I am able to support my family.

Sometimes we visit the brick kilns and encourage the parents to send their children to school. It delights our hearts that we are doing our part for the development of our people.

Asma Tari, aged 23

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