Mar 16, 2017

Informal school in Moranwala

I’m 15 and I am studying in Moranwala School. I have 4 sisters and a brother. My father works in a factory as a labourer and my mother is a maid. It is very hard for families like ours to send their children to school because of the lack of income and opportunities.

My parents decided that all of us should go to school. We are thankful we can attend this informal school where we can learn basic reading, writing and maths. My teacher Shahida helped me a lot. She is the only educated lady in our area. Thanks to her and the support given by Care Channels, I was able to pass my Standard 8 Government Education Board exam. This is a very great achievement for me and my family is very proud of me.

Safia Ishfaq

Education Sponsorship, Empowering (PA), Holistic (PA), Pakistan, Sustainable (PA)