Sep 17, 2018

HOWDEN GROUP – Fundraising the fun way

Care Channels had the privilege of being the beneficiary of a fundraising initiative by the employees of Howden and DUAL.

18 runners took part in the AIA Music Run to raise $5000 for CCI

Additional fundraising activities were brought into the Howden office – group dances, running laps around the office, press ups and polaroid pictures with the Super Mario Brothers.


Testimony of Hayley from Howden, one of the organisers of the event:

“I find CCI’s long-term and empowering approach of giving people the tools they need to improve their circumstances very inspiring.  Thank you for coming in to tell us about the amazing work you are doing across Asia; it really motivated me to cross the finish line! The fundraising has brought colleagues closer together and has led to us establishing a weekly running club.”

– Hayley Langston, Regional Head of Marketing and Communications


We are grateful to the employees of Howden and DUAL for their wonderful support. Their donation in every capacity champions our work in the seven countries we work in. We hope this journey will not stop here, but through continued collaboration, we will witness the transformative impact of Care Channel’s holistic, innovative, sustainable and empowering initiatives for many more years to come.

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