Jun 04, 2018

Honey Project in Abra, Philippines

“When I was invited to attend the beekeeping training by Care Channels I didn’t want to attend. I had already been a harvester for three years and it would be a waste of my time. Moreover, I had much work to do on the farm.

A staff from CCI persevered in getting me to attend and I agreed. After the training, I realised I had  underestimated the scope of the training. I thought I would be studying about harvesting wild honey but I was absolutely wrong. I learnt so much more than that. The training on cultured honey became more interesting as I learnt about the life and characteristics of bees. Their unity inside and outside the hive has inspired me to know my work and be faithful in working with others.

Through the training, I learned to engage and mingle with other people outside of Daguioman. I have gained much that would help me, my family and the community. “

– Noel Tadeo

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