Apr 09, 2015

Health Programme in Indonesia

My family lives in the slum of Semper—North Jakarta. My son Pio, who is five, used to face many health challenges. He was once admitted to the hospital because of diarrhoea and fell into a coma. I realised as a mother I need to be educated on health and hygiene.

In 2012, my son began attending the Early Education Programme at Wahana Harapan Tuition Centre in our area. Once every three months, we attended the Health Guidance Programme organised by Care Channels Indonesia.

We were taught basic health information, like how to prevent and handle illnesses. Our children were also examined and ‘dewormed’.

After attending the programme, I am happy to see my son’s health improving. I have even urged my husband to stop smoking and we have started cooking simple but healthy meals.

Dewita Hutabarat

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