Feb 07, 2018

Feeding Programme in Jakarta, Indonesia

Feeding Programme
Jakarta, Indonesia  

Mrs. Fauseh’s son, Mubarokh, participates in the learning, feeding and health programmes at Care Channels Learning Centre. She and her husband collect garbage at a disposal site in West Java. The family has lived in the waste disposal site for several years and can only stay in makeshift huts as they have to change locations constantly. 

“I see many good changes happening in him. Not only can he read and write, but he is growing and his health is improving. I am so grateful that I have also been invited to participate in this holistic programme. Our health is taken care of. I hope Care Channels can continue to be in Bantar Gabang to help more families who are going through the same situation as us. We no longer feel discouraged but live with hope of a more dignified future. Thanks to the feeding and health programme here.”  

Mama Mubarokh 

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