Feb 07, 2018

Feeding Programme in Chuadanga, Bangladesh

Feeding Programme
Chuadanga, Bangladesh  

Alamdanga is one of the poorest communities in Chuadanga. The residents contend with highly compromised living conditions, including drug abuse, poor sanitation and housing. Many children below five years old suffer from malnutrition-related ailments like Kwashiorkor*. These older children are forced to search for food outside their homes and in garbage piles. Very often they end up living on the streets.

We started the Feeding Programme in two places within Alamdanga. Currently, the health of over 80 children are sustained and have improved through nutritious meals such as egg, chicken or fish curry with vegetables and rice for five days a week. 

* Kwashiorkor – A malnutrition disease, mainly found in children, caused by severe protein and vitamin deficiency and characterised by retarded growth, potbelly, anaemia and fluid retention

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