Jun 17, 2015

Education Sponsorship Programme in China

I first knew of Care Channels when I was in Junior High Year Three in 2011. When I was first sponsored by Care Channels, I thought their motive was to make us work for the company in the future.

Now I feel blessed that I have been sponsored by Care Channels for the last five years. Care Channels has taught us how to love ourselves and others as well. Care Channels invited English teachers to teach us English for free, taught us how to be responsible, provided part-time jobs, and introduced us to people from different places and cultures. Moreover, they organised many activities for us, including seminars, festival parties, and summer camps. All these have helped us build confidence, and be more open-minded.

How time flies! I am in university already and I still cherish the memories of singing, making handicrafts, cooking and eating together.

Xing Guimin (white shirt)

China, Education Sponsorship, Empowering (C), Holistic (C), Innovative (C), Sustainable (C)