Mar 21, 2018

Education Sponsorship in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“My name is Dwi Cahyani. I am 10 years old and currently studying at Kanisius Jetis Elementary School, Yogyakarta. 

My parents are speech impaired but my siblings and I are able to speak. My parents did not go to school because of their impediment. My mother works as a domestic helper. My father works as a motorbike mechanic far from our house and comes home only once a week. 

My parents wanted to send me to school but were worried they could not afford it. I have an older sister and a little brother, so my parents have three children to provide for.

When Care Channels offered to sponsor me to school, my parents were filled with gratitude. They never imagined anyone would care to help us. I really enjoy being in school and hope to finish high school and make my parents proud.”

– Dwi Cahyani

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