Jun 12, 2018

Cross-stitch Craft in Philippines

“My family and I live in Metro Manila. However, our home was demolished in 2010 and the government relocated us to another area.

My husband is a construction worker. We have six children – five boys and one girl. In 2015, I enrolled my then 4-year old and 6-year-old sons, Chris Mark and Chris John Paul, in Care Channels’ Feeding Programme. They became healthier and more active. They are no longer underweight.

CCI’s holistic approach enabled me to get involved in their livelihood programmes. In February 2016, I became a coordinator of cross-stitch crafts for CCI. At times, my husband would be jobless while waiting for the next contract work. He and my older children would help me with the cross-stitch craft to get extra income. This has helped my four children continue their studies. I have also encouraged three other mothers and four high school students to join the Cross-stitch Livelihood Programme so that they, too, will have extra income. I am thankful for the opportunity to be independent.”

– Alili Delirino

Craftwork, Empowering (PH), Holistic (PH), Philippines, Sustainable (PH)