Aug 10, 2016

Cow Dispersal Programme in Bangladesh

I am Jonah Pahan, a worker of Care Channels Bangladesh. In 16 March 2016 I was given a native cow. An animal husbandry specialist trained me how to take good care of the cow. In September 2016 my cow was sold for a good price and I received my share of profit from Care Channels Bangladesh. This amount was a great help for me as I used it for my grandmother’s medical treatment. I could repair my house as well.

In October 2016 I received 2 cows as a reward for doing well in the first cycle of the Cow Dispersal Project.

I was very happy and encouraged. This project will bring success not only in my family but other families as well. I pray that this project will continue to be a blessing.

Animal Dispersal, Bangladesh, Empowering (B), Holistic (B), Sustainable (B)