May 06, 2015

Computer Lab in Timor Leste

I attend Level 8 at Maubara Junior High School. Living in Manuqabia, a remote place up in the mountain of Liquica, means that I have limited access to new opportunities for self-development. That changed when Care Channels came to our part of the world.

It was beyond my imagination! Care Channels launched a computer class once a week for us to learn how to operate computers. Though I don’t have a computer, it cheers my heart to have this precious opportunity to pick up such a useful skill which I will need for further studies or for work.

This was made possible because the Care Channels team visited Manuqabia and I am grateful they started the course.

Candida Nunes Pinto Utomo, aged 17

Computer Labs, Empowering (TL), Holistic (TL), Innovative (TL), Sustainable (TL), Timor Leste