Feb 02, 2017

College Education Sponsorship – Kelvin Guerta

I remember years ago when I had to go around in my rented motorcycle picking up passengers from dusk till dawn in order to support myself. I was filled with a deep sense of hopelessness over the possibility that I may not be able to study again. My father left my mother and me to our own devices. My mom was just a housewife, but she became my inspiration to strive on and work hard.

In 2011, my mom and I were introduced to Care Channels and we were trained in pressed flower card-making. After the training, I started working with Care Channels. Two years later, I was given the offer to join the Care Channels educational sponsorship programme. I hesitated at first, because of the debt that I still had with the previous university but they persistently encouraged me to join the programme. Finally, I applied for sponsorship and I was able to enter one of the top universities in the Philippines.

I faced a lot of challenges and struggles during my four years in college – finances, school pressure and family

problems. Despite the challenges, I made it to the Dean’s List and won several competitions and prizes. I was part of Class 2017 and recently I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. I could not have thought or imagined any of these happening to me.

I have been so blessed, I want to be a blessing and educate young minds in the future.

Kelvin Semilla Guerta

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