Sep 12, 2016

China Education Sponsorship

I became a sponsored student 5 years ago when I was in my teens. At that time, my parents and the staff of Care Channels China were very concerned about me. I was getting rebellious and I did many things that hurt my parents, especially my mother. I felt she did not love me as much as my sister. She would scold and hit me. I became defiant and did things the exact opposite of what my mother wanted me to do. I would have a momentary release from my frustration whenever I did that but what followed would be a deep sense of inexpressible sadness.

I got into bad company, started causing trouble in school and eventually left home. I quit school and found a job. My father looked me up many times but I refused to go home with him to save face. I felt very sad and decided to talk to the caring Care Channels staff. They counselled me and encouraged me. I started to change slowly. I moved back home and was reconciled with my mother.

I went back to school and studied hard. I became involved in activities like acting and hosting school concerts, things I would have never imagined myself doing. I received awards for academic achievements and good behaviour. I am thankful for how my life has changed.

China, Education Sponsorship, Empowering (C), Holistic (C), Sustainable (C)