Feb 15, 2018

CHE for Children in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“I cannot believe what I experienced on our last visit to ION culinary college. CCI brought us to this cooking college to experience what it is like to be a chef. This is part of CHE activities that we always attend every Sunday morning in Care Channels. I never thought I would learn such modern things in my entire life because what I know is only cooking with my grandma over a fire stove and in a traditional kitchen like what we have in the village. That day we learned to cook special lumpia, a traditional Javanese dish. Chef Yopie taught us that cooking is easy and he made it so simple for us to learn. Unexpectedly my lumpia won the first prize and it was double happiness in one day. Thank you so much Care Channels for all the care and love for us.”

– Fian (in red t-shirt)  

Community Health Education (CHE), Empowering (INDO), Holistic (INDO), Indonesia, Innovative (INDO), Sustainable (INDO)