May 30, 2018

Celebrating Fatherhood II – Animal Dispersal Programme – Philippines

Hi there, my name is Jorry Barroca, I am in Care Channels’ Animal Dispersal Programme.

We are a family of four. My wife and I have two young children. We live rent-free in a small hut at the edge of my employer’s land. I enjoy my job but usually it’s not enough to sustain our needs especially since my oldest son started going to school.

I was overjoyed when Care Channels chose me to be part of the Pig Dispersal Programme. Firstly, I love pigs. I raised pigs years before, but I stopped because the cost of feeds got too expensive. Secondly, I really need an extra source of income. My wife is unable to work because our kids are very young.

I was worried when I first joined the programme that I would not be able to take good care of the pigs. I was relieved when I saw the pigs growing healthily. We live near a river and the pigs were saved from floods twice. The first time the flood came but did not sweep the pigs away. The second time the flood was so heavy that it should have swept the pigs away, except that the pigs were sold the day before!

When we received our share of the proceeds from the sale of the pigs, we were able to buy
necessities that we could not afford previously. My son was even able to attend the Boy Scout Camp and other extra-curricular school activities that were much-needed for his personal development. The remaining amount went towards rice-planting which will bring us additional income.

Jorry Barroca




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