Mar 23, 2017

Care Channels Shelter in Indonesia


Bantar Gebang is about 20 km from the fast-growing capital of Jakarta. It is a foul-smelling world, with towering hills of half-baked waste, and stretches out as far as the eye can see. Bantar Gebang houses around 3,000 families with many young people and children, trying to make a living out of whatever they can find to sell.

The Care Channels Shelter in Bantar Gebang is a refuge for children and mothers. In the midst of dirty and shabby neighbourhoods, the shelter has become a comfortable place for children to come to learn, a clean playground to play in, and a place to get healthy food.

It is also a place for mothers to be involved in the care of their children. During their short break from collecting and cleaning salvageable items, they share, encourage and build relationship with our workers.

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