Mar 09, 2017

Care Channels Learning Centre (CCLC)

Before coming to Care Channels Learning Centre (CCLC), I worked as a teacher in two different schools. It was just a regular job for me – going to school, doing my work and then coming home. There was no passion or delight in the work I was doing. After I was appointed as a teacher in CCLC, I experienced positive changes in myself. The workplace atmosphere, the unity among teachers and especially the guidance of Mrs. Jingle Calvin, the principal, gave me a different view of being a teacher.

Comparing a regular teacher to a CCLC teacher, I can see a vast difference. In CCLC, the main focus is the children – teachers are mere facilitators who work for their betterment. I learnt a lot on how to improve not only as a professional teacher but also as a person – how to discipline a class without shouting at the children, how to make children do their work with love and tenderness.

It has been 5 years since I have been part of the CCLC family and I am now the primary school coordinator. I am thankful for the trust and favour I have received from the school, especially the support given to me when I furthered my studies. This year (2017), I got the chance to visit Singapore on a study tour and this is nothing less than a miracle for me.

Working in CCLC gives me a sense of achievement that I am contributing to the betterment of my community. I will continue to press on and give my best to the work of educating the next generation.

Zoia Imran

Empowering (PA), Holistic (PA), Pakistan, Sustainable (PA)