Mar 29, 2018

Care Channels Learning Centre (CCLC) in Pakistan

CCLC is growing from strength to strength. Set up in 2006 with three pre-school classes and a total of 32 students, CCLC expanded in 2011 with the addition of an elementary school. Since then, parents have been clamouring for a high school to be started. 

The process of building the high school has begun. A former principal and a coordinator of a reputable school have been hired to develop the curriculum. 

When CCLC became self-sustaining, extra funds were channelled to informal schools, like those in the brick kiln areas, for teachers’ salaries. These schools cater to the poorest of the poor children, teaching them basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

To date, we are assisting nine schools in the surrounding areas of Lahore – supporting 46 teachers and 1,416 students in total. Some staff of CCLC are also involved in training the teachers from these informal schools.

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