Feb 18, 2019

Care Channels Learning Centre (CCLC) in Pakistan

CLC’s mission for both teachers and students is to establish a firm foundation for tomorrow’s challenges. 

The children in our school are able to communicate in English, Punjabi, Urdu and can now speak very basic Mandarin. Activity-based learning is one of our strengths. We organise field trips to places like food factories, historical sites and hotels and hold school-based activities like Cooking Day, Spring Carnival and Science Fair. Learning becomes fun and it makes them want to be in school. 

We not only cater to the children’s cognitive needs, but physical and socio-emotional as well. We are proud to say that our students are generally more confident and will gladly interact with visitors to the school.

Teachers and staff go through regular in-house training programmes to enhance professionalism and strengthen esprit de corp. It took time and effort for everyone to learn to operate with this mindset. As a result, their performance improved and the school has gained a good reputation in Lahore. Students come from far flung areas and some parents have even moved nearer to be able to send their children to our school.

Funds have been well managed and we have been able to achieve self-sustainability since 2016. We also provide for the needs of eight informal schools in brick kiln areas, paying the salaries of their teachers and staff, and improving their classroom environment.

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