Jun 14, 2018

Basket Weaving Project in Bangladesh

“I can make baskets and other items out of bamboo. But I did not have enough money to buy the bamboo and necessary tools.

From one of my relatives, I came to know about the basket weaving loans Care Channels provides. I contacted a staff of CCI and expressed my interest to receive a loan.

In 2017, I got a loan of 5,000 taka (SGD 80) from CCI. I bought the materials to make baskets. From what I sold in the local market, I was able to better feed my family. I have since paid up the loan in full and I have taken another loan of the same amount this year, to continue to improve our standard of living.”

– Rupabati Rani

Bangladesh, Empowering (B), Holistic (B), Micro-Enterprises, Sustainable (B)