Apr 27, 2017

Basket Weaving Micro-enterprise in Almandanga, Bangladesh

Living in a rural village in Alamdanga, far from city life, Rukshana struggled to feed her family of four with her meagre income. Work was hard to come by. Some days she would find work as a daily wage labourer, working long hours for little pay, usually earning just enough for food that night. Other days she would return home defeated, unable to find any work at all.

One day Rukshana heard about Care Channels giving out loans for basket-weaving. She was excited because she knew how to make different types of baskets using bamboo strips. The interest charged was low and she could repay the loan in 12 instalments. Since then, her life has changed for the better. As her village is surrounded by bamboo trees, the materials are readily available. Putting her skill to use, she is able to sell the baskets she weaves to support her family. 

Rukshana is very grateful for the loan she received that has transformed her life.


Bangladesh, Empowering (B), Holistic (B), Micro-Enterprises, Sustainable (B)