Jan 10, 2019

Annabel Dato’s Story

I am Annabel Dato, a homemaker, married to Harrison Dato, a street food vendor. We have 2 daughters and 2 sons. Our younger son is a college scholar sponsored by CCI and he is graduating soon. 

In August 2014 our community elder, Jojo Amparo, came to know about CCI and sought partnership to be involved in the pressed flower livelihood programme. I was chosen to be the livelihood coordinator for our community and underwent training. I found that it is unique and interesting to use indigenous fresh flowers and leaves to produce calendars and notebooks. 

The livelihood programme gives me an opportunity to earn and help my husband in providing for the needs of our children. It has taught me time management, balancing my family time with time for making calendars. I also gained confidence in befriending other people and telling them about the programme. Through the livelihood programme, the mothers, youths and even informal settlers have been able to earn an income. 

We started a CCI feeding programme for children aged 2-12, who are mostly from families with no stable income. We also have a CCI education sponsorship programme for families who cannot afford to send their children to school. Currently, we have 70 children in the feeding programme, 10 families in livelihood and 16 sponsored students. 


We have partnered CCI for 5 years. Throughout this time I have been encouraged by the holistic transformation first within my family and also others in the community.

It also gives me joy knowing the products we have made are being sold in well-known bookstores in the city and abroad.

– Annabel Dato Pressed Flower Craft Livelihood Coordinator

Craftwork, Holistic (PH), Philippines