May 24, 2018

Animal Dispersal in Pakistan


A total of 149 animals, consisting of 29 goats and 120 cows, were purchased this year. These animals were dispersed in 10 regions. We sold these in the market during Eid (Holy Sacrifice) and with the proceeds, we bought more animals.

In the past, we only dispersed cows. The goat dispersal project was started this year. A plot of land was bought in Fort Abbas as a staging area for goats. This staging area will give us a place to shelter and keep goats. We will be able to buy animals when prices are low and keep them until we have suitable families to disperse them to. It also enables us to breed the goats for dispersal. This will stabilise our animal dispersal project and make it more sustainable as we expand our work.

During construction of the staging area, we faced the difficulty of insufficient water supply for the bricks and cement so we resorted to using more mud. Furthermore we had to make our structures more earthquake-resistant.

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